I want to create art that helps you connect with your intentions and magic.

Hi, my name is Karina! I'm 25, a full-time artist obsessed with mandalas, crystals, magic and the power of intention!

While I was in college for theatre, I loved my craft, but I realized I allowed myself to take on some defeating mindsets, ( I would often think "Well, this is the world I signed up for" when realizing conditions I would accept because if I wanted it bad enough I would persist.) I slowly spiraled between self-sabotaging habits and anxiety. 

I didn't feel cut out for college, theatre or anything.

I had a beautiful breakdown.
(Beautiful for what I gained, in that moment I was a mess.)

Around this same time I had discovered henna body art and fell in love with the peaceful, and meditative power within the designs. I had no idea the door I was opening in my life. Before this, I actually didn't even know I could really draw.

My breakdown allowed me to finally shed some of the illusions I was holding onto. I realized I was in college for me, not my professors. I realized I didn't want to rely on theatre as bread and butter and would rather be in projects I believed in for the art of it.

I didn't quite see it, but I was ready to be in the space of not only manifestation, but also surrendering and releasing how it was meant to happen.

This is how I finally made space in my life for my current passion in connecting and helping others! Through freehand painted mandalas, art, wire-wrapped crystals, readings and reiki I love providing others tools for connecting with their own divine magic and calling their intentions into reality for the highest and best good!

I love painting and crafting daily customs, originals and prints to share with you, in your homes and as gifts for your loved ones!

Surrendering has led to these crafts, skills, guides and teachers along the way. It is an honor to share these crafts and continue to teach these skills whenever the opportunity shows itself.

Thank you!
-Karina Jo

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