Frequency raising art by a young, intuitive & intentional artist.

Karina Jo Martinez is 24 and a professional and intuitive artist based in Hot Springs, Ar.
Her mandalas are created with the intention of connecting and unlocking parts of the mind that are sometimes shut off.
She paints using a combination of acrylic applied by brush and acrylic squeezed out of rolled cellophane cones.
Everyday she surrenders to the crystals, dreams, and energy vortexes that inspire her to create at all times of the day.

"I'm inspired by henna art as well as the nature that surrounds me. Living in Arkansas has led me to combine crystals, wood, and paint together for a more metaphysical artistic experience.
I look forward to expanding my art and being a part of your home, office, or artistic space.
Much love,
Karina Jo"

My name is Karina Jo, I'm 24, and for the past three years my post-college job has been providing intention art, henna, crystals and energy full-time while traveling. 

I tried out my first henna cone during my sophomore year in college (2015.) At this time I was experiencing a huge "tower moment" where everything seemed to be crashing around me. I went through a shift where I had to re-align a lot of my priorities and where I spent my time. It was amazing to spend hours practicing henna on friends, learning to draw mandalas & paisleys in notebooks, and eventually try painting on a canvas. (Which I was informed in the beginning of my art adventure "Canvas art doesn't sell." I've learned not to listen to the people that limit you, but the ones that encourage.)
Since that shift I was willing to take the risk in leaving a supervisor level job that I had been with for seven years to pursue henna and art. I completed my B.S. Degree in Theatre at University of Central Arkansas. I applied a lot of what I was learning in various classes directly to my business, (like designing my first logo in a writing design class.) And eventually I walked into a little shop downtown that changed my life,Metaphysical Connection.

 It began by walking in, being recognized as "the mandala girl" from a mural the owner had seen in town and had developed into my home, family, and life. Metaphysical Connection is where the Catch My Eye Gallery lived for a couple years until we parted ways to travel more. Since then I have been wandering the country regularly while continuing to share my love for art and intention magic with others!

The intuitive art is created in a state of surrender and flow. The intentional art is created with an energy charged ready to allow that intention to amplify. Both begin with a prayer that the paintings will find who they are meant to help for that individuals highest and best good.

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