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  • An Intuitive & Intentional Artist-Entrepreneur Overcoming Anxiety on the Daily

    I'm an intuitive & intentional artist-entrepreneur that works through overcoming anxiety on the daily.

    This is a glimpse at the depths of that anxiety and how I am here doing what I do today.

    "Every post and effort I have made to put me and my art out there comes after I work through the chorus of voices laying out every good reason I shouldn't.
    (Including this.)

    I would be lying if I said my way of thinking wasn't framed with a method to constantly acknowledge and overcome anxiety.

    I know I'm not the only one with this battle, and I think it's time I'm more honest about how much this impacts my life."
  • Four Years Ago I Left My Job to be an Artist

    Four years ago I left a job that I had been with for seven years to pursue art...
    This is the story of taking that risk.
  • Catch My Eye Interviews Metaphysical Connection

    Metaphysical Connection in downtown, Hot Springs has been the home location for Catch My Eye Henna products and services since April 2017.

    Learn a little more about the mystical purple shop as Karina from Catch My Eye interviews Miki from Metaphysical Connection.

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