It's heart warming to give a gift to someone you love, it can feel even more toasty when it comes from a local artist. 

I understand budget can be a factor when gifting for the whole family, so I thought to keep it easy while supporting local Id organize a list of gifts under $10


The great thing about a digital download is how you can take one file, print or send to a printer, even frame it and wrap it! The perfect way to send some love to everyone!

|| 20 Page Coloring Book & 30 BONUS Pages ||

|| Watercolor Crystal Chart Poster ||

|| Intention Mandala Poster Pack ||

|| Inspirational & Motivational Poster Pack ||

|| Coffee Poster Pack ||

|| Henna Design Ebook ||


Waterproof stickers are fun for cars, notebooks, laptops, tablet cases, and all your other special sticker spots!

|| Luna Anastasia Metallic Print Sticker ||

|| Crystal Moonlight Metallic Print Sticker ||

|| Frequency Portal Mandala Metallic Sticker Print ||

|| Butterfly Atlantis Metallic Sticker Print ||

|| Crystal Cluster Peony Coloring Sticker Print ||

|| Galaxy Mandala Metallic Sticker Print ||

|| Be Bold Color Splash Metallic Sticker Print ||

|| Crystal Mandala Coloring ||

|| Elephant Coloring Sticker ||

|| Crystal Ball Coloring Sticker ||

|| Fire Crescent Moon Coloring Sticker ||

I wish you guys well as we approach the end of this year and hope this list brings you a little more ease in your shopping adventures. 

(It's also always justified to gift to yourself!)

Sending my love!

-Karina Jo