An Interview with Metaphysical Connection 

By Karina Jo Martinez    

Located in the 100-Block of the Historic Downtown Hot Springs is a purple shop on the row. One window reads Massage & Reiki, the other Metaphysical Connection. The scent of herbs, oils, and sage welcome every guest before they enter the door. Once inside treasures like local crystals, mystical books, and tarot cards line the shelves. Not only are the walls color splashed with local art, but at the right hour art is crafted live in the shop. In fact, that’s where you’ll find me, in the corner covered with mandala canvases working on a new project or adorning someone with henna body art. This is a shop with many intentions, which is why I have a few questions for one of the owners, Miki Rose in order to explore everything that this eccentric purple shop really has to offer.

  I will begin with a personal curiosity, what drew you to focus on local art as a part of your retail?

  It’s more like, “What drew us to one another?” :) I suppose an artist recognizes an artist and if one has a community space, it’s a duty to allow local art in the environment.

  It has been inspiring to see so many artists interacting and growing in a space. That’s just the front of the shop though. The back is always buzzing with services like massage, reiki, and readings… Oh my! How might these come together to help someone with their healing process?

  It’s been a goal of ours to create a community healing center with a diverse approach in regards to individual needs. With offering a variety, we are hopeful every being leaves feeling full of clarity, balanced and cleansed.

 I’ve seen many a client after a massage, reiki, or reading session sent away with some of the local crystals and stones. How can these help and how does someone know which one is right for them?

  Crystals can assist with physical, emotional and spiritual balancing. Whichever one you are drawn to will support you the most.

  That is stone cold awesome! Now that you find yourself close to the one-year mark of Metaphysical Connection what have you learned about yourself and the community through this experience?

  Deep down I have desired finding a community who is genuine in understanding the importance behind a give and receive system. My heart and soul thrive within the Hot Springs Community vibe.

  It sounds like you’re in the right space! Thank you for your passion and contribution to this community.

  To book massage, reiki, reading, or henna services or for more information about Metaphysical Connection, visit the purple shop at 115A Central Ave. or call (501)617-9865. We look forward to meeting you!